Raising healthy children: Tips for healthy eating

With obesity on the rise with our children, it is clear that families and schools can do a lot more to ensure these problems are kept at bay.

Challenging traditional thinking on pre-school education

Photo: EtonHouse International Pre-School Thomson

When rote-learning can no longer promise success, or be relied on to meet the new expectations of the 21st century, we know it’s time to challenge those prized model answers.

4 tips on starting pre- school with joy, not tears

Starting pre-school, or kindergarten is an impor­tant milestone in your child’s educational journey. Children attending a ‘before-school’ setting have the advantage of participating in group learning experiences and centre routines and of extend­ing their social network beyond the family.

Christmas: A time to give back

By Melissa Leong, Principal of EtonHouse Pre-School, Robertson Walk

Photo: Islander Pre-School by EtonHouse

It has been a tradition in my family that as the year draws to a close, we come together to celebrate the things that we are thankful for and how we can, in turn, be a blessing to the community. This year, I wanted to bring this tradition to Islander preschool – in conjunction with the 

4 Tips on Raising Well-Behaved Children

Like all parents, I love my son – more than I knew was possible. The sense of responsibility we carry to ensure we teach them good behaviour can be daunting even for the best of us. Nothing reduces confident, loving, well-meaning parents to uncertainty and guilt faster than not understanding and managing the behavior of our precious children.

Creating meaningful learning opportunities

By Pritika Chandiramani, Year 2 Class Teacher at EtonHouse International School 

Photo: EtonHouse International School

Our school shares the rich culture of weekly gatherings, where all teachers and students come together in the school hall to experience a sense of community and belonging with each other. The weekly assemblies are also a time to pass on general messages from the school head...

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