How Do You Nurture Self-Help Skills In Your Child?

 "To succeed in the real world, you need to be able to fail," Dr Ken Ginsburg, a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, once said. For children - as they learn to take the initiative to manage themselves, they begin to learn vital life skills essential for the 21st century.

Is Your Child A Scientist?

All children are innately curious. They are indeed born scientists with a desire to explore, form hypotheses, experiment, observe, and develop conclusions. We see it in the myriad ways in which children demonstrate causal thinking and when they experiment with different materials to either support or negate their hypotheses. Explorations and scientific discoveries challenge and motivate...

Meet & Greet: Wong Wei Sum, Teacher at EtonHouse Pre-School Vanda, Singapore

Wei Sum teaches at EtonHouse Pre-School Vanda. She has been a part of the school for the last 5 years. Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College (Boston), she is currently teaching the lovely Kindergarten 2 class. What she loves most about teaching is seeing a child's eyes light up at new discoveries. Their innocence, curiosity and relentless...

Why Is Play So Important For Your Child?

Research continues to prove beyond any doubt that play is vitally important to the healthy development of a child; physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language. More parents and educators are now subscribing to the belief that play is one of the best ways children learn.

Why is play such an important part of children's development, and how do children learn through play? 

Meet & Greet: Melissa Leong, Principal of EtonHouse Pre-School Robertson Walk 

In today's Meet & Greet interview, we catch up with Melissa Leong, Principal of EtonHouse Pre-School Robertson Walk. 

Melissa fervently believes that early years education should be genuine and fun, and that educators should be facilitators in the classroom where they participate actively in children’s learning. In recent years, she has helped to facilitate parenting talks on topics ranging...

EtonHouse Inspirations: Pier Storti, Art Atelierista

In our new EtonHouse Inspirations series, we will feature inspirations in EtonHouse - people, environments, learning stories.  In the first of this series, we catch up with Pier Storti, our art atelierista (a specialist teacher with a background in art) in EtonHouse, and hear more from him! Pier Storti, the art Atelierista in EtonHouse, was born in Italy and came to Singapore in 2016. He has...

How to raise a Bilingual Child: 3 things you need to know

I enjoy listening to my son talk and the way he expresses himself - he has always been marvelous to hear. Starting in his earliest months, we listened with attentive joy to all the sounds he made, picking up on his communication and filling in gaps for him as his sounds developed into words. Then, his words came together to express ideas, and now at four years old, his ideas have grown into...

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