6 Tips To Encourage Positive Behaviour In Children

Are there any drawbacks to offering a reward (for example, a fun trip or activity, toy or game, money) to children for doing well in school? 

Everyone, adults and children alike, appreciate knowing they have done a good job. The danger in offering rewards, however, is that the result comes from an extrinsic motivation rather than an intrinsic one. This suggests that motivation is...

Fostering Creativity through Tinkering

The tinkering and making movement has caught on like wildfire at EtonHouse International School Broadrick. Tinkering is the art of 'composing and decomposing physical things to suit a variety of purposes - from practical to whimsical'. (Dale Doughtery, MAKE magazine)  In fact, students revel in taking things apart, putting them back together, and making new things. Not surprisingly, students...

EtonHouse Inspirations: A Story Of Grit and Determination - Mrs Ng Gim Choo

A 5-year-old girl wanted to start primary school before all her peers because she had no one to play with at home. Her older siblings had already started school. Her grandmother took her to school and asked if the school would accept her. She promised that if her granddaughter was unable to catch up with lessons, she would voluntarily take her out of school. This happened nearly 60 years ago!

Meet & Greet: Josephyne Ho, Principal of EtonHouse Pre-School Mountbatten 223, Singapore


EtonHouse Inspirations: Sustainability and impact on the environment - an inquiry project on ‘paper’

“Where does paper come from?” This question led to an exciting investigation by a group of children at EtonHouse 718 Mountbatten Road that aligned with the central idea ‘Our interactions with the environment and resources impact their sustainability'.

The Changing Dynamics In Education

Children are born with an innate desire to explore, form hypotheses, experiment, observe, and develop conclusions. Research and data prove that children’s learning through their senses has a strong connection to thinking and understanding in science and discovery. A few decades ago, the idea that toddlers think like scientists would have been considered preposterous. Jean Piaget, the pioneer...

The Influence of Reggio Emilia Across the Globe

If we step back in time, the profound work and deep thinking in a group of early childhood settings in Reggio Emilia, Italy was a precious pearl yet to be discovered. If we bring ourselves into the present, the influence of best practice when working alongside young children from Reggio Emilia has become a known leading influence across the world. In 1991, an American newspaper identified a...

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