Why Is Outdoor Learning Important For Children?

Outdoor learning is not just limited to physical development of children through gross motor play. Its real significance lies in the emotional, social, cognitive and psychological development of young children.

Why is it important for children to engage in outdoor learning? What are some benefits? 

EtonHouse Inspirations: Jamie Goh, Resident Chef at EtonHouse

Every day, children across EtonHouse campuses in Singapore enjoy nutritious and sumptuous meals prepared by our resident chef, Ms Jamie Goh. Giving our children a healthy and nutritious diet they love is critical as it lays the foundation to their future eating habits. That is why Jamie works hard to ensure that our menu is interesting, exciting and nutritious to encourage healthy eating from...

5 Strategies For Raising Your Child In A Digital Age


Technology has transformed the way children learn and communicate in the world today. We often think of the potential negative effects of technology on our children, and we try to protect our children against them. In this digital age, the challenge for you, as a parent, is not to shield your child from technology entirely, but to educate him on how to use it properly and responsibly.


Through The Eyes Of A Child: Intercultural Understanding and Respect

With globalisation and increasing interaction between people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, how do we foster intercultural understanding and respect in our children? The current wave of globalisation is reinventing many cities and households, making them more diverse than in the past. We now experience a heightened appreciation of cultural diversity and adaptability, and...

Parenting Tips: Critical Reflection and Why Is It Important?

Parenthood is an immensely fulfiling journey, but it also comes with countless stressful and frustrating moments. Every day, in our interactions with children, events and situations occur that cause us to stop and think again – they might puzzle, worry or even surprise us. It is beneficial to take time  to reflect on and record a recent interaction or event with your child which puzzled or...

EtonHouse Inspirations: Renee Sim, Curriculum Manager at EtonHouse

With a strong belief in making a difference to the lives of children, Ms Renee Sim switched mid-way from a course in Business Management in 2007 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies instead. She has 9 years of experience in teaching and leadership positions, including 3 years as the Principal of EtonHouse Pre-School Mountbatten 717. Currently Curriculum Manager at...

How to Deal with Bullying

Most bullies, when asked why they bully, say it's because they have been bullied before and think it is how things are done. They generally do not feel much remorse or guilt when they indulge in this behaviour,  unless they are encouraged to take the perspective of the other child. 

Bullies often feel that the other child deserved the bad treatment because of something they had said or...

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