Alec Jiggins

Alec is an experienced educator and administrator from England. He has six years of experience in an international leadership position and 11 years in a classroom environment, successfully leading schools through IGCSE and IB candidacy and accreditation. Alec embraces the initiative in his school where every child is encouraged to maximise their potential whether it is academically, culturally or through sporting achievements. He is the principal of EtonHouse International School at Orchard, Singapore.

Recent Posts

Debunking The Top Myth About IB Diploma

The international baccalaureate diploma, a very well established and highly regarded international qualification which started in 1968, continues to grow in popularity despite its reputation for being “too difficult” or only for gifted students. There are now 4783 IB Diploma schools across the world, and since 2012, the number of IB programmes offered worldwide has grown by almost 40%. There...

IB Diploma: the New Gold Standard in Education?

As a parent, perhaps one of the most important decisions we make for our children is choosing a school for them. A variety of factors influence that choice, but at the same time, it is also a visceral choice; based on gut feeling as much as it is a logical comparison of pros and cons. At times, the option of different schools is confusing and made all the more puzzling by the acronyms and...

It's Time to Think about Education in the 22nd Century


 We are nearly one-fifth through the 21st century. With the pace of technological change, we could start to question if measuring change every 100 years is still appropriate. 

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