Lisamarie Hughes

Lisa is a mentor Principal at EtonHouse and has led many schools from inception to success. She motivates and guides school leaders across all EtonHouse schools to tackle challenges, follow best practice, innovate, create and effectively engage with families and staff. She also leads the EtonHouse campus in Sentosa and has pioneered the innovative ‘The Island is my Garden’ project that incorporates nature education and community engagement in a beautiful manner.

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The Influence of Reggio Emilia Across the Globe

If we step back in time, the profound work and deep thinking in a group of early childhood settings in Reggio Emilia, Italy was a precious pearl yet to be discovered. If we bring ourselves into the present, the influence of best practice when working alongside young children from Reggio Emilia has become a known leading influence across the world. In 1991, an American newspaper identified a...

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