Munia Ahmed

Munia is currently the Principal at EtonHouse Pre-School Vanda. Ms Munia Ahmed began her professional career as a teacher heading the primary sections back in 1996. With a strong passion for working with children, she obtained the Specialist Diploma and Leadership in Early Childhood Education from EtonHouse Education Center.Munia believes the early years of a child are the vital years of learning. She sees children as unique and competent individuals with their own strength and interests.

Recent Posts

Parent-Teacher Meetings: 4 tips for parents

To best support children, it is important for parents to build a strong relationship with the school community and to be involved in their children's learning. This relationship should be based on openness, mutual understanding, respect and ongoing dialogue.

Regular consultation meetings with teachers are very useful to keep parents informed of their children's progress and to discuss any...

Why Is Play So Important For Your Child?

Research continues to prove beyond any doubt that play is vitally important to the healthy development of a child; physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language. More parents and educators are now subscribing to the belief that play is one of the best ways children learn.

Why is play such an important part of children's development, and how do children learn through play? 

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