Renee Sim

Renee held various teaching and leadership positions in EtonHouse, including Principal at EtonHouse Pre-School and Curriculum Manager at EtonHouse International Education Group. With a strong belief in making a difference to the lives of children, Renee switched mid-way from a course in Business Management in 2007 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies instead. Renee’s positive image of child guides her philosophies in creating vibrant learning environments for children focused on relationships and inquiry. She also believes that relationships with children are built through learning experiences based on their interests.

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3 Recommended Books for Children

With a plethora of children's books available in the bookstores, it can get confusing and challenging to choose the best books for your child. Here are 3 recommended books to read with your child (3 - 6 years), and simple ideas on activities to extend the reading experience! 

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