EtonHouse Inspirations: Samantha Morier, Vice-Principal, EtonHouse M223

SamanthaMorier.jpgIn light of the upcoming Teachers' Day, we would like to feature teachers who inspire us with their dedication and passion for education! 

Today, we are excited to hear from Samantha Morier,  Vice-Principal and Curriculum Coordinator at EtonHouse Pre-School Mountbatten 223. In her role, Samantha places emphasis on the purposeful planning of the learning environment and believes in working closely with the parent community to support children in becoming lifelong learners. She also believes in working with a hands-on and minds-on approach in developing the holistic child. Samantha was presented with the prestigious Outstanding Early Childhood Teacher Award at the MCYS Child Care Awards in 2012.

1. What do you love doing in your free time?

I am deeply inspired by the Arts, both visual and performing, and am usually immersed in some form of art, such as discovering new music or art installations. It is also wonderful to travel overseas and experience different cultures, customs and traditions! Recently, I picked up cooking and am learning to whip up traditional Eurasian dishes.

2. Who inspired you to enter the education field?


My family members have played an important role in inspiring me to enter this field, as they always think out of the box.  To this day, they push me to think beyond – instead of why, their question is 'why not?' They are constantly challenging me to look beyond my current abilities and push new frontiers. 

3. What do you love most about your job?

In my job, there are plenty of opportunities to look at ideas and challenges from multiple perspectives and different levels. I often put on my 'Six Thinking Hats'- a parallel thinking process that helps me to be productive, focused, and mindfully involved.

4. Describe a typical day in your job.

No two days look alike in my job! I may have made plans for the day but I can never predict what might supersede my initial plans. Hence, I would describe my typical day as one that requires me to be ready for anything – hands-on and minds-on.

5. What is your favourite spot in the school, and why?

My favourite spot would be our café. Our café invites not only children, but the entire school community to mingle over meals.  Breakfast in the café is a beautiful sight as the school community comes together to start the day right with a hearty and healthy meal over sharing and conversations. 

6. Why did you choose to teach in EtonHouse?

I started at EtonHouse as a trainee teacher doing my practicum. I have witnessed the ever-evolving early childhood sector over the years and seen how EtonHouse has kept abreast with trends and changes to this day. I love the fact that the EtonHouse team responds proactively by keeping children at the very centre of everything.


7. Most memorable moment in your years here at EtonHouse?

It's difficult to pick one! I would have to say, the first day of school each semester has always been memorable. Not only do the children and parents get the jitters, the teaching team does too. To me, the first day of school represents the start of a beautiful journey. As we welcome everyone to school, partnerships are fostered and trust is formed. 

8. How has the early childhood curriculum evolved over the years? Do you see it changing in the future?

The early childhood curriculum has evolved tremendously over the years. Though pre-school is not compulsory in Singapore, governing bodies have introduced frameworks to ensure both quality and holistic pre-school for all. Many grants to support innovation have also been introduced.  I do foresee more of such exciting developments in the near future! 

9. Any advice for give to parents in choosing a pre-school?

I would advise parents to consider the philosophy, beliefs and curriculum of the pre-school and whether it resonates with them. If they do, it is important thereafter to have faith, trust the teachers and build a rapport with the school. All of us (parents and schools alike) have a common goal - giving and providing what is best for the child. We can only achieve that by working together.

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