4 tips on starting pre-school with joy, not tears

Starting pre-school, or kindergarten is an impor­tant milestone in your child’s educational journey. Children attending a ‘before-school’ setting have the advantage of participating in group learning experiences and centre routines and of extend­ing their social network beyond the family.

4 Tips on raising well-behaved children

Like all parents, I love my son – more than I knew was possible. The sense of responsibility we carry to ensure we teach them good behaviour can be daunting even for the best of us. Nothing reduces confident, loving, well-meaning parents to uncertainty and guilt faster than not understanding and managing the behavior of our precious children.

Praise: The best gift

Everyone enjoys praise; acknowledgment of effort is a precious gift we can give one another. However, it is not just that praise feels good, it is an effective tool for teaching children about good behaviour. For most of us, when we think about discipline, punishment is what first comes to mind -- when punishment is only one small piece of the puzzle.

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