Through The Eyes Of A Child: Intercultural Understanding and Respect

With globalisation and increasing interaction between people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, how do we foster intercultural understanding and respect in our children? The current wave of globalisation is reinventing many cities and households, making them more diverse than in the past. We now experience a heightened appreciation of cultural diversity and adaptability, and...

EtonHouse Inspirations: Renee Sim, Curriculum Manager at EtonHouse

With a strong belief in making a difference to the lives of children, Ms Renee Sim switched mid-way from a course in Business Management in 2007 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies instead. She has 9 years of experience in teaching and leadership positions, including 3 years as the Principal of EtonHouse Pre-School Mountbatten 717. Currently Curriculum Manager at...

Reading And Writing Projects For The Holidays

As parents, we are often asked to encourage children to think of books as their friends and to instil a love for reading and writing from the early years. 

How can you play a part in nurturing a genuine love for reading and writing in your child? Here are some ideas for mini projects that you can do together with your child this holiday! 

EtonHouse Inspirations: Environments that Facilitate Creativity

What do we want a child to feel and experience in a classroom? An aesthetically and well planned environment influences a child’s development positively in all areas; social, emotional, physical and cognitive.

It is important for a learning environment to be intentionally designed and the areas well-defined for the child to self-navigate. Upon entering a classroom, a child must see how they...

Meet & Greet: Jamie-Lee, Teacher at EtonHouse International Pre-School Hong Kong

Jamie-Lee’s passion for early years education developed when she was working part time in a private pre-school in her hometown - Cape Town, South Africa. The school encouraged play-based learning, and opportunities for children to ask questions, which she strongly believes in. She obtained her Bachelor of Education Degree at Embury Institute for Teacher Education, and is passionate about...

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