Seizing a teachable moment in a kindergarten class: Pedagogy of listening

It all started with a display board that needed to be updated and a simple request from the teacher, asking her students to help take the old display off the board…

3 Recommended Books for Children

With a plethora of children's books available in the bookstores, it can get confusing and challenging to choose the best books for your child. Here are 3 recommended books to read with your child (3 - 6 years), and simple ideas on activities to extend the reading experience! 

Why Is Outdoor Learning Important For Children?

Outdoor learning is not just limited to physical development of children through gross motor play. Its real significance lies in the emotional, social, cognitive and psychological development of young children.

Why is it important for children to engage in outdoor learning? What are some benefits? 

5 Strategies For Raising Your Child In A Digital Age


Technology has transformed the way children learn and communicate in the world today. We often think of the potential negative effects of technology on our children, and we try to protect our children against them. In this digital age, the challenge for you, as a parent, is not to shield your child from technology entirely, but to educate him on how to use it properly and responsibly.


Through The Eyes Of A Child: Intercultural Understanding and Respect

With globalisation and increasing interaction between people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, how do we foster intercultural understanding and respect in our children? The current wave of globalisation is reinventing many cities and households, making them more diverse than in the past. We now experience a heightened appreciation of cultural diversity and adaptability, and...

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