Would You Like to Contribute to Our Blog?

EtonHouse BlogDear reader,
Our EtonHouse blog has been running for two years, providing you with regular posts on education and parenting. The content is driven by us with generous contributions from our teaching staff.
But we've found that one voice was missing: Yours.
We are inviting contributions to our blog from all EtonHouse parents. Our blog subscribers and followers on social media would love to hear from you about your parenting experiences — anecdotes, stories, and strategies you'd like to share. 
 For example:
  • Digital literacy: What are the ways you are keeping your child safe online? Any strategies that you have found particularly useful in your household? How do you manage screen time?
  • Gender and stereotypes: What does 'running like a girl' mean to you? Can girls run as fast as boys? How do you address prejudices and cultural and gender stereotypes? 
  • Time management/financial management: What strategies do you use? Are there any books or resources you would like to recommend? 
  • Self regulation and behaviour management: What works for you? Anecdotes will be very helpful.
  • Picking a school: What are your concerns when picking a school for your child? Any information you'd like to share with mums and dads out there?
  • Your first month in Singapore: Your family has relocated to Singapore. You know maybe one other family — a friend's cousin. You need to furnish the new apartment, the children aren't yet adjusted to school and the climate. What was that like? Tips for new expat families?
  • Transitioning: From pre-school to a local primary school — when do you start to plan this transition? What worked and what didn't?
  • The birds and the bees: When did you have that talk with your child? How did your approach it?
These are but a few topics off the top of our heads. We are happy to consider any of your suggestions. One tip we've found useful for coming up topics: What is it that you and other parents often talk about in relation to your child?
If you're keen to contribute, we're looking for bite-size pieces of around 350-500 words around education and parenting, but from your personal perspective and experience. Please also send us a 70-word write-up about yourself with a picture, and tell us how old your children are and which school they are in. If you have a blog or page you'd like us to link to, we'd be happy to do so.
Do check out our blog for ideas. Articles like Want Good Behaviour? Play with your Child, and 5 Tips for Managing Time as a Working Mum, have done particularly well! 
Send your submissions to blog@etonhouse.com.sg, feel free to ask if you've any questions/need help refining your chosen topic. 
Do note that contributions will be subjected to edits and while we value all submissions, we cannot promise that everything will be published.